What Started Kai's Ruff Wear?

As an entrepreneur, I'm constantly asked why I began my business. Another thing I'm asked often is, how did I decide what to do for my business. These are both great questions and typically when I'm asked them, I stumble over my words to answer the questions with uncertainties. Let's be honest and real, I never expected to begin my own business, let alone, have it still existing today. 

Why did I begin Kai's Ruff Wear?

I began Kai's Ruff Wear as a way to be a stay at home mum as well as care for my dogs. I dreaded going to work everyday and when I was told I'd benefit from a service dog, I honestly couldn't fathom that. From that day, I decided I needed a "side hustle" to help fund my service dog. I took months to decide if a service dog though would truly benefit me and decided it would and totally could.